Marketing Research Applications And Case Studies

Marketing Research Applications And Case Studies-86
(2003), "Validity and reliability tests in case study research: a literature review with “hands‐on” applications for each research phase", Qualitative Market Research, Vol.

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As a result, an ideal device could be introduced for sale in medical equipment stores. What proves really helpful to managers at the stage of new product creation are concept tests, that is studies devoted to various ideas and designs considered by a given producer or distributor.

Within that group of studies what may be subject to analysis are concepts for products, packaging, marketing communication (visual materials, texts) as well as advertising campaigns.

As the focus of this website is to inform and educate on marketing, transformation, customer experience, information management, technology and IT in a context of business and people, we now and then cover some Internet of Things examples and case studies as well. They are mainly based on publicly available cases with the necessary additional information and analysis.

Do bear in mind that case studies are made by companies so we try to focus on the essence, based upon various mentioned sources.

Concept testing yields detailed information concerning the needs of recipients.

Yet, what should be borne in mind is that one should not stop after receiving superficial opinions but continue to get to the ones hidden in our subconscious.

In the end, we talk about offering better customer service, tapping into new sources of data, insights and actionable intelligence, innovation, productivity enhancement and myriad other goals that are common across sectors.

In other words: when you look for examples of Internet of Things deployments that work or are in a pilot stage, certainly don’t limit your quest to examples from your industry.

As the Internet of Things, from an actual usage perspective, is part of a bigger picture and derives its value from the challenges and end goals it’s clear that not all industries are moving at the same speed.

This means that in some industries you’ll find more examples.


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