Marriage Counseling Research Paper

An additional goal is to help the couple develop healthier attachment patterns which create a stronger relationship.

Change comes about as each partner begins to understand the other’s point of view (Madhyastha, Hamaker, and Gottman, 2011).

The Gottman/Rappoport intervention provides opportunities for each partner to practice using I statements to describe what he or she wants, needs, or feels.

Following this, the other partner reflects this back.

In a study by Bradley, Drummey, Gottman, and Gottman (2014), a sample of 115 heterosexual couples who met the above criteria participated in a group program based on the Gottman Sound Relationship House program.

Couples were randomly assigned to either the control group that used normal couple therapy methods, or to the treatment group that used Gottman Method Couples Therapy.Additionally, all therapists who work with couples should be aware of who the client is and adhere to treatment modalities that are congruent with ethical standards of care.Evaluation of Strengths and Limitations of Gottman Method Couples Therapy Gottman Method Couples Therapy has been proven to be effective when working with couples from low socio-economic status and low income structures involved in IPV.Research Paper by Terri Fisher Abstract A concise description of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, including therapeutic goals, the change process, main interventions, and ethical and legal considerations will be presented.An evaluation of the strengths and limitations of the approach along with a discussion of cultural applications will follow.For other change promoting interventions that are not within the scope of this application, refer to the reference list.Ethical and legal considerations include knowing when to counsel couples together and when to separate partners.Additional change occurs with the aftermath of a fight intervention.Research indicates all couples fight (Gottman and Levenson, 2002).Gridlock occurs when partners are unable to appreciate the aspirations behind specific conflicts.Research has demonstrated that when couples begin to understand each other’s dreams, they are able to more effectively discuss subjects without becoming gridlocked (Gottman, 2011).


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