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The following guidelines apply to ALL submissions, including theme sessions and proposals by affiliate organizations.

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Each paper/proposal may be submitted to only one Division or Interest Group, OR to the theme sessions.

Submission of the same paper/proposal to more than one section is not permitted, and will disqualify the paper for presentation.

You are welcome, however, to submit different papers or proposals to the same or different sections.

Several categories of submissions may be accepted, depending on the submission guidelines of the specific Division or Interest Group.

Communication and media in both digital and analogue formats feature in the rise of movements that aim to counter these boundary-crossing developments, for instance, in populist nationalisms that challenges the claims about the irrevocable advance of globalization, as the role of tabloids in promoting the Brexit vote illustrates.

Conservative movements employ legacy and social media to rally against political correctness and identity politics, and racism thrives in online hate communities, while activists turn to communication and media to help solve problems of our age, ranging from war and terror, human rights abuses, climate change to fake news, identity theft and (online) sexual predators.

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