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Miller provides responders with two opposing perspectives: The dissenting individual who seeks to undermine the church-run theocracy, juxtaposing against the necessity of the church to use any methods to keep the ‘devil’ away.Miller’s characterisation of Proctor, as an individual, is depicted as This exhibits to readers that although John Proctor is well regarded in society, he is divorced from the institutional power of the Church and the community due to his past failing act of adultery.Keating stated that in Indigenous history, Australians have completely disregarded and paid no attention to Indigenous Australians and thus, reconciliation is needed.

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(1992) is another text that examines both political and ethical consequences of colonial history.

This speech advocates that by purging denials, this act will ultimately overshadow Australian history and society.

Arthur Miller’s play, (1953) explores competing perspectives of the social contract between individuals and society.

Despite this contention, the society of Salem must purge itself with the idea of witchcraft hysteria, or else the community would still be living in the darkness of the New World.

Moreover, the use of personification of the New World outside of Salem, explains the contextual representation that the process of purgation is necessary if both individuals and societies wish Salem to remain pure.

presented by Paul Keating is another text that addresses the necessity of purgation of negative history of Australia, which would ultimately result in a more sustainable community.

Yet, Keating shifts his tone by addressing his alternative perspective in which, Keating himself as well as the Labour government, would seek to purge the negative history.

Keating’s manipulation in textual forms of anecdote and simile shows that it is through the creation and transformation of policies that Australian governments are responsible for, to achieve sustainable community as a whole.

Keating initially validates the thought of many Australians who does not support the cause of Indigenous Rights movement.

He outlines this particular perspective through his diplomatic tone and expression, The use of analogy allows Keating to create a sense of entitlement, particularly targeting towards the apathetic Australians who believes that Australian Aboriginal history is meaningless and worthless.


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