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Met Sine Thesis Helmet: Famous for its incredible ventilation, gel padding and low contact design, the Sine Thesis continues to be the Helmet of choice for many of the hardest working road riders in pro cycling.The Met Sine Thesis Helmet's Exoskeleton is integrated into the in-moulding process allowing structural performance way beyond established standards.

Combined, several of these factors could account for some or all of the reduced warming trend seen over the last decade – but this is an area of ongoing research.

———– The below graph which shows years ranked in order of global temperature was not included in the response to Mr Rose, but is useful in this context as it illustrates the point made above that eight of the warmest years on record have occurred in the past decade.

Graph showing years ranked in order of global temperature.

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On the rain soaked, 262 km, 11th stage of the Giro d’Italia from Lucera to l’Aquila, the entire Liquigas team wore special helmets.

The helmets, MET Sine Thesis models with special graphics, are being auctioned now on (Italian) Ebay as a fundraiser for the “Collectivo 99”.You can see our full response to all of the questions Mr Rose did ask us below: Hi David, Here’s a response to your questions.I’ve kept them as concise as possible but the issues you raise require considerable explanation.An article by David Rose appears today in the Mail on Sunday under the title: ‘Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released…and here is the chart to prove it’ It is the second article Mr Rose has written which contains some misleading information, after he wrote an article earlier this year on the same theme – you see our response to that one here.However, within this record there have been several periods lasting a decade or more during which temperatures have risen very slowly or cooled.The current period of reduced warming is not unprecedented and 15 year long periods are not unusual.Photos: Nibali crossing the finish line on Stage 11 (photo by Bettini); the MET Sine Thesis with special graphics. Stories for the Italian Cycling Journal about rides, granfondos, having a good time cycling in Italy, Italian cycling history, etc. Q.2 “Second, tell me what this says about the models used by the IPCC and others which have predicted a rise of 0.2 degrees celsius per decade for the 21st century.I accept that there will always be periods when a rising gradient may be interrupted.


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