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When Michelangelo painted the images across the Sistine Chapel, he was representing the general faith that emerged during the time of the Renaissance.It was an important factor to the European’s lives as religion was becoming an important part of their lives.The Sistine Chapel is a remarkable sight due to the interior that shows faith in God as an empowerment that will save you.

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Michelangelo carried people back in time to see the affect of God, “By reversing time’s arrow, Michelangelo reverses the biblical narrative and even entropy itself…we move from a world degraded by the sinful creatures who populate it to one dominated by a transcendent, all-powerful father.

This reverse chronology is built into the structure of the chapel itself…” (Unger 170).

He was appointed by the Pope to work his magic in high-powered buildings and in popular European domains.

Michelangelo positively influenced the world through his art in religion, architecture, and revolutionizing art techniques.

Because the curiosity of religion and faith was emerging at the time, the paintings Michelangelo created made faith come to life.

The Europeans began their interest in Christianity, and getting to know God.

Many Europeans were reformed to Christianity during the time of the Renaissance due to devotions given by churchmen, and the artwork displaying the Gospel.

Michelangelo created a religious ceremony for those who passed his art, “Michelangelo renders God’s creation as a seismic event, and those who testify to its miraculous nature are shaken from their complacency, filled with both awe and dread…To glimpse even a fragment of God’s Truth is a disruptive experience, registered across the prophet’s entire body even before his mind stirs to righteous anger.” (Unger 166).

Michelangelo explains a very crucial story in his painting.

He sends a precious message in his fresco, the creation of Adam and Eve who were the beginning of human interaction.


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