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Approximately 2,615 graduate students are primarily supported as research assistants and 660 are appointed as teaching assistants; 1,790 are supported on fellowships.

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CSAIL and its predecessors have a rich history of lab publications.

In the past, these were spread out among various locations.

In 2011, Sport VU fundamentally changed the way that basketball can be analyzed.

STATS Sport VU utilized a six-camera system installed in basketball arenas to track the real-time positions of players, at 25 frames per second.

In this paper, we demonstrate how we can apply deep learning techniques to this data to produce a queryable database of basketball possessions.

We trained an unsupervised machine learning pipeline that generates a representation, called a trajectory embedding, of how individual players move on offense.Today, the entire historical record of our publications and all new publications are hosted by MIT's DSpace service.DSpace is a service of the MIT Libraries to provide MIT faculty, researchers and their supporting communities stable, long-term storage for their digital research and teaching output and to maximize exposure of their content to a world audience.Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection: Gomez-Ceballos, Guillelmo (932)Paus, Christoph M. (932)Goncharov, Maxim (879)Roland, Christof E (670)Roland, Gunther M (665)Klute, Markus (658)Stephans, George S. (658)Busza, Wit (657)Cali, Ivan Amos (648)Luckey Jr, P David (627)...To submit proposals to either launch new journals or bring an existing journal to MIT Press, please contact Director for Journals and Open Access, Nick Lindsay at [email protected] To submit an article please follow the submission guidelines for the appropriate journal(s).This approach represents a new way for teams, media, and fans to understand and quantitatively assess quarterback decision-making, an aspect of the sport which has previously been opaque and inaccessible.Download Full Paper Here Abstract: What is the right way to think about analytics in soccer? ” – questions currently unanswered in the soccer analytics literature.The model performs well, correctly identifying the targeted receiver in 60% of cross-validated cases.When passers target the predicted receiver, passes are completed 74% of the time, compared to 55% when the QB targets any other receiver.Examples of some of MIT’s historical achievements follow: Undergraduates can plunge directly into this world of exploration through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which offers students a chance to collaborate on cutting-edge research as junior colleagues of Institute faculty.During the academic year, approximately 3,760 researchers (including some 1,500 postdoctoral scholars and 485 visiting faculty and scientists) work with MIT faculty and students.


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