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Corruption has drastically changed our generation in a way that is very difficult to reverse and it is provoking serious consequences to the entire world. " A Structural Analysis of Corruption: The Role of Criminogenic Asymmetries." Transnational Organized Crime 4, no.

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Corruption is so embedded in our society that it became the normal and regular thing to do.

The bottom problem is that corruption is seen as a “necessary evil” to reach success.

Political scientist Gary Jacobson and other scholars have pinned down how monetary advantages affect chances of winning congressional elections Large amounts of money are virtually essential if a candidate is to have any serious chance of winning.

Inability to raise big money leads to losing general elections, losing party nominations, or giving up even before getting started.

Affluent citizens get extra influence by turning out to vote, working in campaigns, and contacting officials.

Campaign contributions are not the only way in which affluent people get involved in politics; these same people tend to be active in other ways too, underscoring their importance to candidates. Money spent on media, organizing, and turnout tends to increase vote totals, giving a significant advantage to candidates favored by money givers. When big contributors contact officials they tend to get attention.

The cost of most of the goods are externalized and beard by society driving prices up, the jobs in public places are given to the one that has most connections not to the most qualified one.

Corruption has changed our way of being and thinking, the only way of showing success is by monetary gains regardless of how it was achieved.

The problem is that the ones that have the power to fight corruption have no interest to do it.

Public officials and people in the government receive extra remunerations that they don’t necessarily deserve, like important charges or extra money for “favors”.


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