My Dream Husband Essay

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I never been in love and in fact I knew I would not be in love any time soon, but just the thought of one day finding the person I would spend my time without end with always gave me a sense of happiness.

From time to time, I have always imagined as a tall and attractive man coming into my life.

To find my ideal mate I would date because I think it is good method for choosing a suitable marriage partner.

In this process I can experience one on one interaction with a person and to get to know more about the person which includes their personality and qualities.

Most times a divorce happens due to issues with money.

I plan to get through university and hold a stable career.

When looking for an ideal mate there are different thing people tend to look at and various qualities that they should have.

A quality that my ideal I want a guy with a caring, thoughtful, and compassionate personality who would be a good husband and a good father too.

Many young adults are facing challenges when selecting a suitable mate who they would hope to enjoy marital success.

A perfect spouse is impossible to find, but an ideal one may be easier.


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