My First Day Of School Essay In Marathi

I studied in a humble Marathi medium school in a distant suburb of Mumbai where there wasn’t much happening on educational revolution at that point of time.

People preferred schooling their children in first language and not in high-funda English medium or convent or International schools like nowadays. My mother used to write poems herself at that time.

Although I can’t build characters and think about weaving them with a story, I can write about my experiences, thoughts, explorations, books, learning, people and what not!

My Word Press blog is going good so far although I am not a pro blogger.

I was happy like never before when I arranged my books for the first time in my new bookshelf!

Soon after, I again decided to start a blog but this time, I wanted to keep that for myself. In 2015, I started to write again and for next two years, again life happened and I wrote only about course contents, proposals, event content, project reports etc. I started with infrequent blogging and kept reading regularly for expanding my knowledge.

Reading and writing too, was in a different form like reading about technologies, research papers, course books etc and writing was restricted to academic writing.

I disengaged with what we call ‘’ as my new genre and instead of Marathi, English became my first language for reading books leaving my mother tongue to be second.

For the first time in life, I was exploring so many different research articles, essays on philosophy or history, even psychology which we discussed in the class everyday during the contact classes. TISS not only makes us think but it also asks us to write assignments every week on the basis literature we study and what we think about it.

It’s an academic writing but needless to say, I got better at writing week by week because of that.


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