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Person to Perosn Quality offers oil change assignments for drivers of all vehicle brands.We also offer bonuses for certain makes, such as Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Honda, Hyundai and Kia. If you are between 21 and 26 years old, you can perform our bartender audit assignments. Our generous meal reimbursements are enough to feed you and a hungry friend! Person to Person Quality’s AARP assignments typically involve evaluating businesses that sell AARP-branded insurance products and other services.

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About 85% of this work is done in person; a growing trend involves home-based mystery shoppers who conduct their work by calling (as opposed to visiting) catalog companies, call centers, and others, which account for 15% of the industry.

With mystery shopping, an individual walks into a retail store, restaurant, grocery store, convenience store or gas station to monitor and measure specific behaviors.

She finally realized she didn’t have to limit herself to just one company.

Now she works with about a dozen and she services a range of industries.

Home-based “shops” might be best for you.) Register with multiple companies because they all have different needs and they serve different clients.

One woman told me she was frustrated because she only had access to fast food assignments, but she hates fast food.Among them: associate greetings, the length of the wait to be served, the availability of merchandise, the knowledge of the sales team, and so on.Many companies request “shops” of their own locations as well as those of their competitors.Many people have heard of mystery shopping, but not all of us understand exactly what it’s all about.Mystery shopping is focused on monitoring and improving quality and service to ensure consistency with brand standards using anonymous resources.According to Market Force Information, a nationwide leader in mystery shopping and merchandising among top brands, some of the requirements in the online questionnaire for a mystery shop may include: Getting started and making money.Both mystery shopping and merchandising pay by the assignment.Just visit the restaurant, order a drink at the bar and report on whether the bartender asked for proof of age. For many assignments, you don’t have to be an AARP member. Shoppers get reimbursed for drinks and earn a shop fee. Person to Person Quality offers hundreds of Medicare shops each year, especially during the annual enrollment period. Just walk in, meet with a banker to learn about different account options, and fill out a questionnaire when you leave the branch. These shops are among our highest paying assignments! Earn a shop fee and get a free oil change for your car. Person to Person Quality’s bank shops are easy and convenient, and there’s no transaction required. Visit a car dealership, test drive the vehicle of your choice, and report on how well you were treated during your visit.


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