Narrative Essay That Changed My Life

Narrative Essay That Changed My Life-82
Travel has made me a better person and I am sure you can say the same.

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I can only imagine how that would change for youth in high schools in underserved U. It’s called The Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education, or FLYTE. In the beginning, our focus is on students in rural or economically depressed communities.

FLYTE’s mission is to provide the resources and funding to help high schools in underserved U. His goal is to “help students become global citizens, bring life to the subjects they learn in school, and expose them to new ideas and cultures.” I couldn’t agree more with what Matt but FLTYE needs your help.

I was able to be myself, find purpose, and gain confidence.

My worldviews changed and I made lifelong friends from just one trip. Today he announced the establishment of a new foundation that will help send students overseas.

When you travel overseas you realize none of this matters and your views on everything take on a new perspective.

You learn how people view your country as a whole and it challenges you to take a harder look at your personal stances.Travel friendships are some of the strongest and most unique relationships I have today. I was born in Kansas City and moved to the Boston area at a young age.The people who surrounded me on a daily basis went from the reddest state to the one of the bluest states overnight.The ability to touch down in Europe and go anywhere on the next train feels incredible.My first backpacking trip around Europe gave me the confidence I was lacking in life and I returned home with a better attitude and new outlook on my direction in life. From planning your trip to making a last-second change in a foreign city you are in complete control of your journey.There are countless ways traveling the world has changed me but these stand out and have shaped me into the person I am today.Leaving home for the first time is absolute freedom.When you explore the world, you get a better sense of the people who inhabit it. My hope is that students will see that there are a number of opportunities in the world.Opening yourself up to new experiences can have a powerful impact on you and help you figure out who you are and what you want to be. I want them to learn to dream and feel like they can do anything.When you grow up in a small or economically disadvantaged community, you don’t always have the influences that encourage you to aspire to bigger things.You aren’t always exposed to a lot of new ideas or people different than you.


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