Natural Rubber Thesis

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The analysis makes three key findings and contributions.

First, the research suggests that sustainability is a substantial challenge for the industry due to the complexity of sustainability related factors and their linkages.

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The microstructure properties of the foams were scanned using Micro Computer Tomography (Micro-CT) scanner, and the mean pore size was generated based on the micrographs obtained, while the acoustic properties of the foams were measured using a two-microphone impedance tube to determine its sound absorption coefficient efficiency.

This research provides new data on the physical, dynamic, microstructure and acoustical properties of natural rubber foam with different epoxidation levels.You do not need to contact us to get a copy of this thesis.Please use the 'Download' link(s) above to get a copy. If you need to make a general enquiry, please see the Contact us page.The most adopted activity patterns can be classified into environmental management, community involvement and employee engagement.This confirms the influence of local community and relative importance of local issues.The flammability of polymers has been receiving much attention, in particular the corrosiveness and toxicity of smoke and other emission products generated during combustion.The aim of this study was to investigate the flammability behaviour and mechanical properties of natural rubber (NR) and chloroprene rubber (CR) with various flame retardants (FR) added.They also contribute to a better understanding of corporate strategic decisions towards sustainability in Thailand and probably beyond.Finally, the analysis suggests that the main motives to pursue corporate sustainability activities are not shaped by economic but institutional and normative factors.In addition, the modelling work was carried out to understand the relationship between the key non-acoustical parameters of natural rubber foam properties and its acoustic absorption performance.These observations are of a high value to help design natural rubber foams for noise control applications.


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