Nicolaus Copernicus Biography Essay

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When he returned to Poland to take up his official duties, his room in one of the towers surrounding the town boasted an observatory, giving him ample time and opportunity to study the night sky, which he did in his spare time.In Copernicus' lifetime, most believed that Earth held its place at the center of the universe.He didn't publish the book, however, until 1543, just two months before he died.

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He laid out his model of the solar system and the path of the planets.

It wasn't until the 1600s that Johannes Kepler proposed the orbits were instead ellipses.

As such, Copernicus' model featured the same epicycles that marred in Ptolemy's work, although there were fewer.

While attending the University of Bologna, he lived and worked with astronomy professor Domenico Maria de Novara, doing research and helping him make observations of the heavens.

Copernicus never took orders as a priest, but instead continued to work as a secretary and physician for his uncle in Warmia.


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