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Andrew focuses on the international aid, policy, and academic debates concerning water access, water scarcity, and international development, health, and the environment.He has expertise in many quantitative and statistical methodologies.Aarushi Bhandari is a Ph D Candidate in Sociology at Stony Brook University.

Helana’s research on the privileged position of omnivorousness within craft beer culture recently won the Graduate Student Paper Award through the Consumer and Consumption Section of the American Sociological Association.

Her insightful research on gender in craft beer culture has attracted a considerable amount of attention from academics and non-academics alike, inspiring interview invitations from a variety of popular press outlets.

NOTES ON RESULTS FROM PRIOR NSF SUPPORT: The fifteen page proposal (described above) must contain a section indicating whether the PI (and any Co-PIs) has received prior support from the NSF.

If the PI has not received prior support, you may simply state that.

NOTES ON DATA MANAGEMENT PLAN POLICY: The NSF now requires that PIs make reasonable accommodations regarding the sharing of data with other researchers.

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This section of the grant proposal outlines how you will comply with this requirement.Based on a virtual ethnography of a social media site and a follow up series of in-depth interviews with 47 non-binary people from across the globe, this research illuminates the limitations and harmful effects of the gender binary system.Helana earned the competitive Joyce Turner Dissertation Fellowship Award from Stony Brook University for this research.It really showed through the lectures and got a lot of students involved in class conversations." Helana Darwin is an award-winning sociologist of gender, whose research focuses on the regulatory impact of the gender binary system.Helana has turned to a wide range of subcultures, both online and offline, in order to theorize gender inequality.In the 20 years between 1995 to 2015, the average number of mobile phones within developing countries increased from a few hundred thousand to about 40 million.In this time period, development policymakers led by the United Nations have broadly expanded ICTs for development initiatives, suggesting these technologies can uplift developing populations from poverty and food insecurity.This will involve extra coordination and the subcontract institution contact should be provided as soon as possible.Research Assistance the people who will work with you on the project, including graduate students or others, will make budgetary planning simpler.Helana is on the job market and in pursuit of a book contract.Andrew Hargrove is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and Ph. Candidate in the Sociology Department at Stony Brook University, whose research focuses on the nexus between water scarcity and water access and the conflict inherent in solving these issues simultaneously.


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