Nuclear Energy Essay Argumentative

Because the rods are highly radioactive, their disposal must be dealt with meticulously.

Currently most of the rods are shipped to Yucca Mountain (The Bane of Nuclear Energy, April 13, 2005).

Their agenda, unfortunately, is less concerned with environmental issues than it is with issues of power, money, and dominance.

Either way, nuclear energy has emerged as the forerunner for alternative energy sources.

The economies of European member-states (and, in particular, that of the United Kingdom) would suffer.

Even a modest EU Financial Transactions Tax of around 0.1% on equity and 0.01% on derivatives could yield 55 billion euros annually.

Nuclear energy is form energy produced when Uranium nucelli are combined or fused to form one large atom that when its split into smaller atoms, produces energy that when harnessed is used in multiple sectors.

The process of splitting the Uranium atoms is known as fission or fusion, and in the process, heat produced is used to create steam that is used to generate electricity.

This is done using uranium, plutonium, or thorium and placing them in the reactor, which start a chain reaction that can produce vast amounts of energy. The fission of a single atom can produce 10 million times the amount of energy that an atom can produce that is burned from coal.

Uranium is an abundant element which is easily found and extracted.


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