Office Space Movie Essay

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When the consultants came in, they seemed totally uninterested in anyone's emotions at work, just what they did in their jobs and how their jobs were important to the company.

If they had asked Peter about his emotions, they might have gotten more of a clue about what motivated him.

Office management in this movie treats occupational stress incorrectly.

When the character Bill Lumbergh, the boss, for example, prowls the work area and ambushes various workers with requests (e.g., to work on Saturday, to remember the cover sheet, etc.), that merely contributes to the stress inside this workplace.

Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction, or being happy and fulfilled (or not) at work is another implicit psychological topic of Office Space.

Dss Decision Support System Case Study - Office Space Movie Essay

This topic is important in I/O because one of the goals of I/O is to help companies increase employee job satisfaction.

Additionally, Melvin in the cubicle next door is playing his radio too loud, and a woman in another cubicle is talking on the phone in a very annoying voice.

The mere layout of the office space is stressful: everyone seems to be working almost on top of everyone else, and getting in each other's way.

Lumbergh is also very condescending in the way he talks to his employees, and his annoying habits and speech patterns keep everyone on edge.

Lumbergh could cut down on the stress he causes by treating everyone as equals, even though he is the boss, instead of talking down to them so much.


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