Oliver Twist Essay Over Individuality

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Thingummy in the workhouse, the eleven dead ones are lucky.In fact, some of the bitterest humour in the novel is based exactly on the notion of Malthusian redundancy, and time and again we are asked to laugh at the horrible concept that, in the face of the [50/51] continually demonstrated fact that life is cheap, any importance placed on a single life or a single personality is ludicrous.

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Certainly the novel's officialdom is highly amused by this notion: "The prices allowed by the board are very small, Mr.

Bumble." "So are the coffins," replied the beadle: with precisely as near an approach to a laugh as a great official ought to indulge in. Sowerberry was much tickled at this: as of course he ought to be; and laughed a long time without cessation.

[IV] And Sowerberry and Bumble are not, in the moral scheme of the novel, really very bad men. The fact is that this novel comes about as close as is possible to building its final society literally in heaven.

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If exactly reverses that suggestion: here there is not even sanctity, only loneliness, brutality, and, above all, the pervasive and threatening institutions.

The morally approved people in the novel, including Oliver when he is with them, exist on the edge of the grave. Dulwich cannot exist when the whole world has become the Fleet.

One of the major questions, then, is how such a dark novel can be so funny.

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