Online Retail Research Reports

Online Retail Research Reports-86
Some consumers believe in product purchase after having its touch and feel.Retail e-commerce industry has been witnessing fraud through the counterfeit goods delivery.Also, product delivery is made door-step which eradicates the transportation trouble.

This sales channel type is effective in reducing operational costs.

It also helps in avoiding inventory to avoid stock out as in the case of a retail store.

Moreover, customers are given discounts and bundling offers which propel the product sales.

These features have attracted huge consumers group towards online shopping.

Indian market offers great opportunities for overall market growth.

Online Retail Research Reports

In spite of large Indian population, very few people buy products through this sale channel.The other main reasons expected to drive the online purchase is discounts, offers and cash-on-delivery facility provided by the online retailers.Online retail has made viewers more aware of the product.Consumers in such regions are changing their shopping pattern from traditional type to the online base.Segmentation is done on the basis of products purchased which include groceries, apparels, footwear, jewellery, furniture, and electronic goods.Retail e-commerce has the provision to write reviews on the product which helps in decision making for other consumers.Some manufacturers are launching their products only through the online retail medium.Rise in mobile phone usage has fostered the global industry growth in recent years.Another factor which has seemed to be useful in retail e-commerce market growth is the review system.Consumers are finding it difficult to visit retail stores during their hectic schedule.E-commerce shopping allows consumers to shop sitting in an office or at home and operate for 24 hours.


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