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Extracting relevant information from these heterogeneous sources is a complex task usually dedicated to data warehouse.

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Here we discuss Tightly integrated probabilistic description logic programs for representing ontology mappingsfree download Abstract Creating mappings between ontologies is a common way of approaching the semantic heterogeneity problem on the Semantic Web.

To fit into the landscape of Semantic Web languages, a suitable, logic-based representation formalism for mappings is needed.

Texts written in natural language show a statistical On the feasibility of using OWL 2 DL reasoners for ontology matching problemsfree download Abstract.

In this paper we discuss the feasibility of using OWL 2 DL reasoners to diagnose the integration of large-scale ontologies via mappings.

Nonetheless, few semantic accounts have been given so far for such weights.

This paper presents a formal semantics for weighted mappings between different ontologies.

Ontology comprehension is a collection of techniques that facilitate the understanding of ontologies.

These tools are being applied for further development in various disciplines for Large-scale interactive ontology matching: Algorithms and implementationfree download Abstract.

It is Ontology-Based Governance of Data-Aware Processesfree download In this paper we show how one can use the technology developed recently for Ontology- Based Data Access (OBDA) to govern data-aware processes through ontologies.

In particular, we consider processes executed over a relational database which issue calls to Three semantics for the core of the distributed ontology languagefree download Abstract.


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