Opinion Essay On Child Labor

Opinion Essay On Child Labor-6
These children are often victims of physical, mental, and sexual violence.This page introduces you to the issues surrounding child labour.

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It was widely practiced in England, America, and other countries during the 16th-18th centuries.

Children were paid very little for the dangerous conditions and the long hours they were required to work.

Additionally, a child who works will not be able to have a normal education and will be doomed to become an illiterate adult, having no possibility to grow in his or her professional and social life.

Furthermore, a child who works will be more exposed to malnutrition.

The difficulty of tasks and harsh working conditions create a number of problems such as premature ageing, malnutrition, depression, drug dependency etc.

Opinion Essay On Child Labor

From disadvantaged backgrounds, minority groups, or abducted from their families, these children have no protection.

There is not an issue when a child is working to progress their life skills without compromising their health, their well-being or their education.

Often older children may do chores for their parents or small jobs to earn pocket money or gain work experience.

Certain activities are not considered labour or exploitation.

Activities which simply involve helping parents to complete everyday family chores, to which children can dedicate a few hours a week and which permit them to earn some pocket money, are not considered child exploitation because they do not hinder their well being.


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