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One only who lacks inner assurance and is so constantly on guard against any hint of his inferiority could so confess himself".Following this logic, Draper concludes that Iago "is neither as clever nor as wicked as some would think; and the problem of his character largely resolves itself into the question: was he justified in embarking upon the initial stages of his revenge?In gruesome detail, Cinthio follows each blow, and, when she is dead, the Moor and his ensign place her lifeless body upon her bed, smash her skull, and then cause the cracked ceiling above the bed to collapse upon her, giving the impression the falling rafters caused her death. The Moor misses his wife greatly, however, and comes to loathe the sight of his ensign.

One only who lacks inner assurance and is so constantly on guard against any hint of his inferiority could so confess himself".

After Iago engineers a drunken brawl to ensure Cassio's demotion (in Act 2), he sets to work on his second scheme: leading Othello to believe that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.

This plan occupies the final three acts of the play.

Soon afterwards, however, Emilia brings Iago's treachery to light, and Iago kills her in a fit of rage before being arrested.

He remains famously reticent when pressed for an explanation of his actions before he is arrested: "Demand me nothing. From this time forth I never will speak word." Following Othello's suicide, Cassio, now in charge, condemns Iago to be imprisoned and tortured as punishment for his crimes.

Cinthio's tale may have been based on an actual incident occurring in Venice about 1508.

While Shakespeare closely followed Cinthio's tale in composing Othello, he departed from it in some details.

The ensign then seeks revenge by disclosing to "the squadron leader" (the tale's Cassio counterpart), the Moor's involvement in Desdemona's death.

The two men denounce the Moor to the Venetian Seignory.

Robert Armin Edwin Booth Laurence Olivier Kenneth Branagh Christopher Eccleston Frank Finlay Josh Hartnett Philip Seymour Hoffman Henry Irving Jose Ferrer Micheál Mac Liammóir Ian Mc Diarmid Ewan Mc Gregor Ian Mc Kellen Lucian Msamati Nicholas Pennell Christopher Walken Bob Hoskins Rory Kinnear Daniel Craig Liev Schreiber Saif Ali Khan) is a fictional character in Shakespeare's Othello (c. Iago is the play's main antagonist, and Othello's standard-bearer.

He is the husband of Emilia, who is in turn the attendant of Othello's wife Desdemona.


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