Patriotism And War Essay

I gradually began to understand that war is patriotism on opposing sides.

The uniforms differentiate the dogma but don’t separate the grief.

I was the embodiment of a patriot, albeit a very young one.

I was proud to be an American and knew in my young heart that the families in the military were very special and especially patriotic. I went to Ohio State in the 1960s and saw firsthand the anti-war groups that frequented my college campus and dared to question my country’s values and actions in Vietnam. I was putting all of my energy into my nursing education, and had no inclination to question my government or the war.

There is an element of humor in the way they switch so drastically from one side to the next.

The mother, on the other hand, represents concern for the micro-society, because she only cares about the tasks of everyday life.

While no narrative completely rejects the idea of macro-society, they clearly emphasize the greater importance of micro-society and the consequences of patriotism.

“Loyalties” is the first story which discusses the concept of macro and micro-society.

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