Penalty Minors Essay

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And while Islam is generally regarded as compatible with the death penalty, the Qur'an’s emphasis on forgiveness suggests that Muslims should sometimes respond to evil with mercy, not retaliation.

While many European countries urge an ethic of rehabilitation in their criminal justice systems, many jurisdictions in the United States stand firmly in favour of capital punishment for serious crimes.

Finally, most parents are reasonable and fair, and very very few would ever consider hurting their children by using unnecessary physical force.

There are several reasons however why we should stop using physical punishment even in the home.

Physical punishment is banned in schools in most countries, and in many countries, there are moves to ban all corporal punishment of children even in the home.

However, many parents still believe that they have a right to use some physical punishment to deal with certain misbehavior at certain ages.This essay will ask if some physical punishment is acceptable today, and will ask how parents can know what the limits are.It is easy to find reasons to allow some physical punishment.Few topics incite such moral passion and controversy.The world’s religious communities are divided on the death penalty.Even a federal jury in Massachusetts, a liberal bastion, recently doled out the death penalty to the sole surviving perpetrator of the Boston marathon bombing.And while the United Kingdom abandoned the death penalty in 1964 – the year of the last executions – nearly half of the British public favours a reintroduction of it (though that figure has been dropping steadily).Despite a seemingly unambiguous commitment to non-violence (or “Ahimsa”) in both Hinduism and Buddhism, scholars within those traditions continue to debate the permissibility of lethal punishment.The Old Testament enjoins us to take an “eye for an eye” – the principle of – while the New Testament exhorts us to “turn the other cheek”.Before you ask yourself whether we should have the death penalty, consider: why hand out any punishments at all?Considering the three main families in the philosophy of punishment can help us organise our conversation.


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