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As seen within this example, those who engage in academic misconduct have been found to be more likely to be dishonest in the workplace (Crittenden, Hanna & Peterson, 2009). Targeted expression of a human pituitary tumor-derived isoform of FGF receptor-4 recapitulates pituitary tumorigenesis. When individuals use falsification, misrepresentation, and deception to earn their degree, it devalues the degrees of the students who worked with integrity despite the stressful burden of school and life.

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The findings reported in the two articles are being reviewed to determine if they are valid and reproducible (Robinson, 2015).

Although only one of the two doctors may have intentionally or unintentionally falsified their research, both would be at fault because both of their names are on the paper.

References Ezzat, S., Zheng, L., Zhu, X.-F., Wu, G.

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Honesty is the best policy when it comes to both business and personal relations. Those are the two qualities, which make people do it right as many times through life as possible. To be honest means to tell the truth, to do all one can on the way of being trustworthy, to live one`s life without cheating and to stay true to oneself and others. Be genuine and act faithfully and truly means to be honest and if you decide on following this rule, you should take into consideration. If you need help on writing, our writers will be happy to help.

Maybe you already are the proud owner of honesty and integrity in your nature. There are simply things, which are eternal and integrity let alone honesty will always be one of those things. It is always better to live in united and honest family, to work with united and honest staff workers, to have united and honest people for daily communication among one`s circle of friends.When a student intentionally cheats through university, this integrity is compromised and the value of the degree and the morals of the individual are diminished.This lack of credibility then follows you into the workforce and can impact your professional goals.The impact of the allegation goes beyond the retraction. Asa resigned as head of pathology, a title she held for over a decade where in the last year she made over 0,000 (Robinson, 2015). Top University Health Network doctor steps down amid falsification data investigation. Retrieved from: a society, we rely on the academic and journalistic integrity of other people's work.The effect of these types of allegations can negatively impact the credibility of all researchers. The whole point of academic research is to share knowledge with others and learn from one another.Graduating students looking for jobs or entrance into graduate school or law school may be prevented from achieving their goals; faculty members applying for research grants or submitting research for publication may not be successful.The negative impact of cheating in any form has ripple effects beyond the immediate consequences. Academic integrity is important within the university and in the professional world.For example, in 2015, two Toronto doctors, Sylvia Asa and Shereen Ezzat, were forced to retract a scientific paper from the American Journal of Pathology due to allegations of falsification (Ezzat, Zheng, Zhu, Wu & Asa, 2015).This will be their second article which has been retracted after concerns of falsification (Robinson, 2015). Asa's name was also on a paper containing falsified images, which were changed only after concerns were raised by readers (Robinson, 2015).Taking appropriate steps to ensure that others cannot cheat off of you in quizzes, tests and exams and avoiding giving others access to your individual assignments.Not completing assignments for others and not asking others to complete work for you.


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