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[tags: Leadership, Psychology, Kurt Lewin, Management] - Communication within the home is the start of personal characteristics within oneself.The start of one’s communication varies on their families.

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Day gives way to night, and there is perpetual struggle between good and bad. The so-called virtues are highly valued and encouraged by society.

Among other good qualities manifested in extreme situations are ingenuity, courage, endurance, seriousness, responsiveness, reliability, and loyalty.

- “Leaders bring to every group their personal qualities, values, and life experiences and their assumption and biases” (Corey, 2011, p. Understanding your personal characteristic in importance to being an effective group leader, without understanding what characters you have or do not have can help or burden the group.

The eight personal characteristics of group leadership include the following.

We live in the world where our conduct is dictated by social norms and rules.

However, as you know, for every rule there is an exception.Those who bet on their own merits, identifies and develops them, becoming stronger and more successful far more quickly than those who “fights and overcomes.” A few years ago, psychological studies have confirmed: the development of the inherent advantages and strengths is right for you; you may call it a shortcut to success.In order to be recognized as a person and professional, it is not necessary to eliminate all your weaknesses.[tags: Sociology, Social status, Communication, Family] - There are many personal characteristics that can affect a person as an individual and his professional success, namely openness, ability to learn and adapt etc.These personal characteristics can sometimes make a person successful and sometimes doesn’t.Presence is the first characteristic in which understanding others emotional experiences.The second is personal power that is the influence a personal has over others and personal confidence....However, when these groups are created, it allows for a hierarchical system in which one group seemingly surpasses another.This happens when we use race as a classification system.As a child, you see yourself through the eyes of your family and friends.The home is the start of all communication and how one may be affected in the long run.


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