Personal Values Statement

First, understanding one's own core values is integral to becoming self-aware.

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Change in values is a slow process, but it often begins with changes in behavior.

Over time, we come to take for granted the choices that we repeatedly make even if they are initially incongruent with our values, and our values begin to drift as well.

During our lifetimes, we pass through various stages of moral development.

Small children, at the preconventional level of moral development, make choices on the basis of the immediate consequences of their decisions.

Third, values are important to managers because an understanding of one's personal values is useful for time management.

Most of us have the opportunity--not to mention the encouragement--to do more things than we'll ever have time to do.

She believes that Texas is a better environment for raising her teenage son.

For this, she sacrifices having close contact with President Bush and having significant influence in the President's decisions.

The small percentage of people who progress to the highest level of moral development, the postconventional stage, make decisions on the basis of human rights, fairness and justice.

Such people are willing to ignore their self-interests and may even violate society's rules and norms in order to act in accord with their principles.


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