Politics And The English Language And Other Essays

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Orwell stands out from the other great writers of the 20th century because of his political awareness and opposition to totalitarianism, Stalinism, fascism, and social injustice.

By concentrating on essays along with fiction, according to Hitchens, writing in , Orwell was able to take on “the competing orthodoxies and despotisms of his day with little more than a battered typewriter and a stubborn personality.”2But what makes Orwell stand out from the other great humanists of the 20th century, and why he should matter to you, is the way he took that stubborn personality of his and used it to tackle many of his own despotic and prejudicial inclinations.

But yet it’s not the look of someone with no sense of humor.

It’s the look of someone who’s been through quite a lot and has tried his best.

While Orwell’s writing often paints a hopeless picture of humanity, his self-taught humanitarianism proves that great change at the level of the individual is possible.

His work cautions us about the seduction of selfishness, but his life shows us that compassion is not inherited — it’s cultivated.

Though this is often applied to behaviour within civil governments, it can be applied to many other situations including families, friendships, school, and businesses.

The discussion, argument and voting seen in our Chamber of Commons can be applied to more domestic situations in our everyday lives.

This will result in political regeneration, but must be done by all English writers not exclusively professional ones. Orwell latter goes on to assert that language corrupts thought and vice versa.

The slovenliness of our language allows for foolish thinking, and this foolish thinking allows for slovenliness in our language.


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