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Their self-rationalization of the universe and world around them pits themselves against divine revelation versus moral relativism.

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Modernism and Postmodernism (Question #2) There are differing opinions as to the point in history that is marked by the advent of modernism.

Clement Greenberg (1982) says that he identifies the modernist period as commencing with the philosophy of Kant (Frascina, Francis, Harrison, Charles, and Paul, Deidre, 1982, p. However, it's ending point is defined by some theorists as coming to an end with the onset of the "pop culture," in the mid 1960s (Harrison, Sylvia, 2001, p. Even though modernism and post modernism encompass all art expressions, when it is referred to in terms of Kant, Nietzsche, and "pop culture," then it becomes easier to gain a sense of the era, and to gain a sense of the embodiment of the genres that is distinguished by the periods known as modernism and post modernism.

For over four centuries, “postmodern thinkers” have promoted and defended a New Age way of conceptualizing and rationalizing human life and progress.

Postmodernists are typically atheistic or agnostic while some prefer to follow eastern religion thoughts and practices.

Most believe nationalism builds walls, makes enemies, and destroys “Mother Earth," while capitalism creates a “have and have not” society, and religion causes moral friction and division among people.

Postmodernism claims to be the successor to the 17th century Enlightenment.

Postmodernism – Politics Postmodernists protest Western society’s suppression of equal rights.

They believe that the capitalistic economic system lacks equal distribution of goods and salary.

For some, the questions stem from lost confidence in a corrupt Western world.

For others, freedom from traditional authority is the issue.


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