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However, if the question is merely “How many heads come up when two coins are tossed?

”, there are only 3 possibilities in the sample space, 0 heads, 1 head, or 2 heads.

In particular, advanced methods of statistical analysis are key to psychological and sociological research.

Many articles in peer-reviewed journals demand an understanding of measurement, evaluation, and analysis to follow the arguments.

For example, a smaller circle may be inside a larger circle, and students may be asked to choose the probability that a point in within the area of the smaller circle.

The radius of each circle is given, so the student compares the areas.For the roll of a pair of dice, the sums will be in a set from 2 (both dice give you a 1), the smallest sum possible, to 12 (both dice give you 6), the largest sum possible.In a fair experiment, all possible outcomes are equally likely.Suppose two fair coins are tossed: there are 4 possibilities in the sample space .The probability of each event when order is important equals 1/4 for each possibility.If events are mutually exclusive, it means that neither sample space A or sample space B contain common elements.Therefore, the probabilities can be added to form the probability of one event or the other occurring.The sample space for tossing two fair dice and getting a sum of 7 consists of .The sample space for tossing two fair dice and getting a sum of 11 consists of .Common measures of central tendency include the mean, median, and mode.The arithmetic mean is simply the average; the median is the middle value in a list of scores when the numbers are arranged from largest to smallest, or from smallest to largest; and the mode is the most frequently occurring value in a set of scores.


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