Problem Solving Using Computers

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It scans through your computer to identify the problem, and it may suggest a solution.

If you're staring at a blue screen, you may be thinking, "There's a problem with my computer." But, according to Who Crashed, the problem probably doesn't have anything to do with your hardware. Or it may be a problem with pieces of coding called kernel modules.

If the computer freezes, and one of these is really high, then that could be your answer.

Make a note of which area was really high then restart the computer and open Task Manager again. Sort the list by CPU, memory or disk, whichever was really high last time the computer froze, and see what process pops up to the top of the list as the computer freezes.

If your computer is freezing during startup no matter what, and it's at the same point, then the problem could be corruption in Windows or a hardware problem.

A quick way to tell is to grab a Live CD for another operating system, such as Linux Mint or Tails, and boot with that.

You might also have hidden software, such as a virus, causing problems.

Be sure to run a scan with your security software to uncover something that shouldn't be there.

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT ESC to open Windows' Task Manager and then select the "Performance" tab.

In Windows 8.1 and 10, you might need to click the "More details" link at the bottom of the Task Manager to see it.


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