Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons Essay-67
[tags: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation] - Ever since the invention of the nuclear bomb there has been tension and concern about what countries can have nuclear weapons and the hazards of nuclear proliferation.Countries have had inner conflicts trying to decide whether they should begin building a larger arsenal or starting one because they are concerned how it will affect their nation and their safety.

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If they build an arsenal of weapons, they will be feared; nonetheless, they must decide if that would lead to positive results or negative consequences....

A second possibility is that a terrorist group might seek out a state sponsor, in particular a rogue nation that already possessed nuclear weapons and might provide the group with this capability.

As technology progresses we are forced to deal with new and more dangerous constructs employed in conflicts.

In the past sixty years the greatest of these threats has come in the form of nuclear weapons.

Terrorism is the act of encouraging fear and developing tactics in order to promote mind warfare and uncertainty.

The use of terrorism is apparent in many parts of the world in effort to change the reigns of power and the thought processes of that society.

Since their first, and only use against the Japanese by the United States military during World War Two, controversy, and danger have always been attached to such weapons.

After all, nuclear weapons led to an unprecedented arms race between the super powers of the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Coupled with the burgeoning number of nuclear devices is the threat of a terrorist possibly obtaining a weapon of such magnitude.

While one could argue that the rising number of states with nuclear capability is a disturbing prospect, particularly as many pursue such capabilities without the approval of the “traditional” nuclear powers, terrorists in possession of nuclear arms presents the most horrific outlook concerning nuclear proliferation....


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