Proud Of My Family Essay

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You have learned skills about health and nutrition that have helped and will help many people. 21) Mom, I’m proud of you for raising three great kids.

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birthday, I want to tell them how proud I am of them and how much I love them.

It seems cliché to say this, but I don’t tell them enough.

1) Olive, I’m proud of how you keep your eyes on Jesus.

How you spend time with Him and allow Him to transform you.

6) Tiff, I’m proud of how you are adventurous and have taken risks in your life.

You moved to China on your own to teach and serve children.Your talent and hard work ethic will lead you to more success in the future.23) Tiff, I’m proud of you for having a big heart for people.13) Dan, I’m proud of you for dating a great girl in Melissa, that you both have built a strong, meaningful, and fun relationship in spite of the distance that separates you.14) Tiff, I’m proud of you for using your gifts to care for your family.You took a challenging job at Union Gospel Mission to serve underprivileged children.7) Simon, I’m proud of you for being genuine and open with everyone you meet.Your care and concern for your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers have been an example and inspiration for me.24) Simon, I’m proud of you for your willingness and eagerness to learn from others.Your considerateness, creativity, and humour are a blessing to all of us. You have served me and Olive by always taking out our garbage, washing our dishes whenever you are over, and feeding, changing, burping, and bathing Alena.16) Dad-in-law, I’m proud of you for being an encouragement to those around you. You sacrifice your needs to give me what I need, like opening up our home to host people, knowing that I love to be around people, even though it tires you out.


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