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In this way, PS is not about believing a theory / it’s about practising from a deep well within you in amidst a stepping back from beliefs which usually end up forming our identities.Psychosynthesis training emphasises the experiential aspect of the course as a way of becoming more of who we are – knowing about yourself theoretically and knowing yourself experientially are very different.Perhaps this demonstrates being human and divine at the same time – what is asked of us is that we are open to experiencing contradiction, paradox and mystery.

Assagioli avoided the word soul with its various religious connotations and used the word Self, distinguished by a capital ‘S’.

Transpersonal Self refers to the unchanging source, pure being- it’s not a mental construct. Thus, Psychosynthesis was one of the first western psychologies to include theoretically both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human being, more commonly known as a transpersonal psychology.

For me the terms spiritual and transpersonal are interchangeable – term transpersonal – meaning beyond /across the personal.

So first, a bit of context -Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli in the early part of the 20th century.

I think it’s more useful to talk about Psychosynthesis as an approach rather than as a theory for reasons that will become evident as I describe it.

It’s not a spiritual path or a particular technique or belief system but a particular perspective on those very things.In Psychosynthesis we talk about a sense of presence that goes beyond any categories and conceptual understanding.Something that is not about a belief but has to be experienced.Something beyond the contents and form of our personality.It’s not pathologically based, as I said before, the idea is not about conforming to some idea of psychological health.In this way, Psychosynthesis works with two dimensions of growth – the psychological and the spiritual.Psychological dimension can often just focus on what is wrong and what needs fixing.Holds the approach/frame that I have described – providing what we call ‘bifocal vision’ – working with what is and what is trying to manifest/emerge and being blocked by psychological defences.Psychosynthesis provides short term and long term therapy.Initially trained as a psychoanalyst, he argued for a more holistic approach where human existence isn’t just reduced to childhood experiences.He subsequently developed psychosynthesis as a more inclusive approach, recognising that each of us has a spiritual essence and that our opportunity in life is to manifest this essence as fully as possible in the world of everyday personal and social existence.


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