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Many fear that these so-called faceless bureaucrats subvert the intensions of elected officials.Others see administrators as mere cogs in the machinery of government.

Part of the administrative process is even kept secret.

The anonymity of much public administration raises fears that government policies are made by people who are not accountable to citizens.

Our experiences with public administrators have become so extensive that our society may be labeled the “administered society”.

Various institutions are involved in public administration.

But without their knowledge, diligence, and creativity, government would be ineffective and inefficient. , and managerial aspects of public administration are transformed by public administrators into the work of government. Public Administration is an Academic Field: Public administration within an academic interdisciplinary ... Public Policymaking: Public policymaking is hierarchical in nature.

The broadest policy is made at the top, but officials at lower levels ...

Those who had been in favor might now be out of favor.

Weak rulers followed strong rulers, foolish monarchs succeeded wise monarchs – but all were dependent on the army, which supplied the continuity that enabled the empire to endure so long.

In the absence of institutional, bureaucratic procedures, government moved from stability to near anarchy and back again. There is considerable debate about what business process management means and how organizations interpret the business process paradigm[2,12]. processes are the way in which work gets done within an organization, to produce goods and services. a top level is a view of how organizations work to satisfy strategic intents. Loyalty is owed first of all to the state and the administrative organization.

Modern administrative system is based on objective norms (such as laws, rules and regulations) rather than on favoritism It is a system of offices rather than officers. Members of the bureaucracy, or large, formal, complex organizations that appeared in the recent times, are chosen for their qualification rather than for their personal connections with powerful persons.


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