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When a paper is accepted for publication (upon completing the peer review process through Scholar One Manuscripts), an electronic version of the manuscript will be requested for use in editing and typesetting.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word or La Tex (changes as per journal).

According to an estimate, more than 70,000 research journals exist, growing at a rate of about 3.5% per year.

More than 1,000 new journals were launched in 2014 alone.

The pressure to publish or perish, or to win administrative funding, contributes to an environment where the rules get softened.

Plus, if you’re offered authorship, will you say no?A: There are two main reasons we have authorship: credit and responsibility. In terms of credit, if you have a system that is very vague, idiosyncratic, and nonstandardized, it’s like a country with 500 different types of coins and no exchange rate.And in terms of responsibility, it also raises some issues about reproducibility and quality.When cardiologists become directors of major clinical and research centers, for example, they can see their authorship go up 10-fold.Their names get embedded in what their center produces.It’s a norm that field has adopted, even though it doesn’t necessarily meet rigorous authorship standards.Q: Why is it such a big deal if some authors stretch the definition of authorship?Did most of them just contribute a comma or a period?We need a system that better recognizes and gives credit for the real work those scientists are doing. A: I’m not reaching the productivity peaks of the scientists included in this analysis, but I do consider myself someone who publishes lots of papers. This means there are around 30,000 people who have higher peaks than me, out of about 20 million scientists who have published at least one paper.A: In some cases, it’s the fear of publishing or perishing, or a desire to win more grant money.But in other cases, there are more direct financial incentives.


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