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If you come to the Writing Center for a tutoring session, you will probably hear your tutor say, “We always read papers out loud—would you like to read yours, or would you like to hear me read it?” Reading aloud has many benefits that we want to share with writers.

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When you hear your paper read out loud, you may recognize that you need to re-order the information in it or realize that there are gaps in your explanation.

Listeners also need transitions to help us get from one main idea to the next.

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Want to know how to get your computer to read to you? Both Windows and Mac have native tools that can read documents and MS Word files aloud, while there are bevies of third-party apps. Keep reading to learn how to get your computer to read documents out loud.

Here are some differences to keep in mind as you choose the best reader for you: While synthetic voices continue to improve, they will likely not sound completely natural to you.

But you may find that if you choose a favorite voice, you can get used to its intonation and pacing over time.

For many people, the main reason for getting their computer to read to them is so they can listen to an audio output of a Microsoft Word file.

It helps give your eyes a break if you’re reading something that’s dozens of pages long. The app has its own built-in document reader called Speak; you don’t need to use your operating system’s native narrator.

When you hear your paper, you may recognize places where you have moved from one topic to another too abruptly. Sometimes we leave out a word, mess things up as we copy and paste text, or make a grammatical mistake.

These kinds of errors can be hard to see on the page, but sentences that contain them are very likely to sound wrong.


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