Reading Books Is Better Than Tv Essay

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Warning: An exception to this is when you are deep into a super interesting book, then you might end up staying up all night to read and find out what happens.

I have never read a book that lowered my intelligence level.

But books are infinitely better, and TV is brain poison. If you want to take a break from a book, you do so on your own terms. We don’t care if you’ve got Netflix open on your laptop and you’re huddling in a corner somewhere—the over-the-shoulder threat is ever-present, and you’re always on the lookout. I mean, you can let them borrow the DVDs, but they’re probably just going to lose one. People have more respect for book spoilers than they do for TV spoilers. The world of TV spoilers is a chaotic, violent, and unpredictable whirlwind of headlines and hashtags, and no one’s sorry about it. Maybe your Harry Potter looks like Daniel Radcliffe. It’s your call, and congratulations on your fine taste. Have you ever tried to watch TV with your family buzzing around and asking the kinds of questions you would only ask if you hadn’t seen the previous four seasons?

You don’t have to try and squeeze bathroom breaks into ninety-second intervals.

Every night before I went to bed, I used to watch television.

Very quickly one episode would turn into three or four, and the before I knew it, I had stayed awake two hours later than I had intended.It also gives info and it is more specific than books.If we are using books we should read it twice, thrice in able to keep it in our mind, but in tv, even the report will appear once, people understand and enjoy.This is because you feel much more connected to the characters in books.Your brain has to do a lot more work when reading than when watching television.Thankfully, you will never come across a book that has a commercial.When reading you never have to experience a break in the suspense or action that leaves you annoyed and bored.In a television show, you are totally dependent on the producer's schedule of revealing the resolution to the climax of the plot.When watching television, you normally are in a pretty passive state of mind so you don't always notice details like the weather or what characters are wearing. You can’t just set aside an episode of Sherlock and pick up where you left off three days later without ruining the episodic flow like a barbarian. Science says reading improves your vocabulary, whereas television decreases your attention span.TELEVISION are more important because it can make people relax and entertain if he is tired.


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