Reflection In Nursing Practice Essay

Based on the described scenario in nursing, the report explains the ethical practice pertaining to the situation and what are the implications of different course of action.

It will reflect on ethical awareness and understanding of ethico-legal complexities that is involved on the current scenario. Take me to my leader: The importance of ethical leadership among formal nurse leaders.

In the above scenario, it meant I had to be compassionate with the patients, build trust with them, understand the best care for them and interfere to address unsafe practices that violate the ethical values of nursing (Ewashen, Mc Innis-Perry & Murphy 2013). P, it was a big error for me to listen to his granddaughter and place dentures back.

I knew the ill-effects of dentures on chronic stomatitis, so I could have protested against this step or explained the impact of putting dentures into patients mouth.

This type of reflection is useful for nurse to integrate theory into practice, asking new questions and learning several aspects of nursing practice.

During my first nursing job at a suburban nursing home, I had the responsibility to attend to mouth care of elderly residents in the area. As a member of self-regulating health profession, I needed to practice according to the values in the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurse and maintain all nursing standards supporting ethical practice. Accountability meant I needed to aware of all activities that violate this standards of practice and avoid all conflicts related to moral values of nursing (Storch et al. The reflection on the ethical dilemma faced by me in case of Mr. This experience has made me more firm to practice in accordance with ethical standards of nursing. I will perform all nursing intervention after accurate assessment. My future endeavour will be to integrate guideline of nursing in professional practice and advocate protecting the right of patients and facilitating informed decision in nursing care (Buppert 2014, pp. My goal will be to understand decisions of nursing care, be aware of current research in my field of practice and maintain competency required in my practice. Nurse practitioner's business practice and legal guide. His granddaughter might not be aware of medical complication in stomatitis and it was my duty to explain what was best for patient. I could have protested and told her that in stomatitis, oral mucosa is ulcerated. P’ case would be to disregard his granddaughter’s instruction and strictly telling her that it cannot be done. I would have explained that dentures need to be removed until his inflammation and pain reduces. But I did not protested against the unsafe step taken for the patients and removed the dentures. Other ethical responsibilities of a nurse include promoting health and well being of patient by enabling them to attain their highest possible level of health (Grace 2013, pp 25-32). Interprofessional collaboration-in-practice The contested place of ethics.


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