Renovation Business Plan

Other firms, however, may find that only a major rehabilitation effort will be sufficient to correct long-standing problems with infrastructure such as an ineffective floor plan, poor wiring to support information technology needs, or cramped office space.

Professional service firms (and many other businesses) have to meet legislated requirements as part of renovation plans.

Indeed, doctors, dentists, attorneys, architects, engineers, and the like recognize that the appearance of their offices can be a significant component in their overall success.

Analysts note that professional offices are more likely to renovate than relocate for two fundamental reasons: cost and client retention.

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A medical practice or architectural firm may be amply equipped to integrate new technology with existing operations, only to recognize that its growth has been hampered because it is saddled with an unattractive waiting area.

In this situation, the renovation may amount to little more than some new carpeting, wallpaper, and furniture.

A renovation strategy that would render a key loading dock unavailable during a big delivery period, for example, should immediately be brought to the attention of the landlord.

Small business owners should recognize that many facility managers want to help tenants out in whatever way they reasonably can.


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