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Table 1: Tabular presentation of data for client and suppliers shipment preferences. (-2) (-1) (0) (1) (2) Means f f f f f a) Clients ’ preferred shipment : 1.024 By surface 1 4 17 33 41 Xas By air 2 2 14 42 36 1.125 By land 1 6 19 54 16 Xal b) Suppliers ’ preferred shipment : -0.25 By surface 3 3 0 2 0 Xbs By air 0 0 1 1 6 1.625 By land 4 4 0 0 0 Xbl. (Gh) Ltd., Logidata 2012 Annual Report, Jan.2013, p. Calculate the mean scores for respective shipments i.

Construct or write a 'working title' for a research project proposal, indicating the problem statement. Consider a Logidata 2012 Annual Report presentation of Allied Clumsy Statistic & Co. Key to Table 1: SD=Strongly Disagree, D=Disagree, U=Unsure, A=Agree, SA=Strongly Agree, f=frequency. Many factors contribute to the decision to 'make' or 'buy' in the industry. describe the nature of an outsourcing in the mining industry. find out how the total transaction cost (TCE) construct, that is: Contract specificity, Procurement risk, Supplier responsiveness and Procedural rigors (CPSP) influence 'make' or 'buy' decisions in the mining industries. assess the authenticity by applying the CSPS construct as a strategy in key variables in Noble Gold Bibiani limited (NGBL) to stabilize its operations. X al = -2 -6 0 54 32 96 = 78 96 X al = 0.813 a (iii).

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LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (1) MLSC 560: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT STUDENT: Seth Acheampong. Research has proved to be a powerful tool in driving the mankind towards development. Progress and good life: The purpose of all research in progress and good life.That is why, the terms Research and Development (R and D) are now used as twinsas Research & Development (R&D). Best observes that, “the secret of our development has been research pushing back the areas of ignorance by discovering new truths, which, in turn, lead to better ways of doing things and better products”. Progressresults if the space of ignorance is occupied by knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom drive the mankind to live an orderly goodlife. Development of scientific attitude: One of the purposes of research is to develop scientific attitude. Data included: (a) Clients ’ preferred shipment, (b) Suppliers ’ preferred shipment. Determine the decisions for (i) Clients ’ preferred shipment, and (ii) Suppliers ’ preferred shipment. Establish and interpret the management decisions of both Clients and Suppliers. Mining operations are capital intensive in terms of machinery and equipment, and the associated cost is enormous. X as = 1(-2) 4(-1) 17(0) 33(1) 41(2) 96 = -2 -4 0 33 82 96 = 109 96 X as = 1.135 a (ii). Whiles clients ’ agree for any of the shipments available in variable A, thus surface, air and land; suppliers ’ are in between ‘ unsure ’ and ‘ disagree ’ for the variable B. Clients' shipment could preferably be in the order of surface, air and then land since their mean scores are positive values of 1.135, 1.125 and 0.813 respectively. Compare the average mean scores for Clients ’ and Suppliers ’ preferred shipments c. Working Title: "The application of Transaction Cost Economics construct, CPSP in 'make' or 'buy' decisions in the mining industry; case: Noble Gold Bibiani limited". Problem Statement: Most gold mining companies basically outsource all of its operations except the core function of processing the ore into gold. This is an indication that clients' and suppliers' have different preferred shipment options.Bias is an inherent part of the research process, and scholars must proactively address sources of bias to ensure validity.While bias has the potential to impact each stage of the research process, how participants are assigned to experimental groups is an important part of research design, as selection bias may be introduced.Creativity and innovativeness: One of the purposes of research is encouragement tocreativity and innovation.New products, new processes and new uses are the meansthrough which the world goes dynamic.It is a careful search or inquiry into any subject matter,which is an endeavor to discover to find out valuable facts which would be useful for solvingproblems or improving existing solutions to problems.The research that involves scientificanalysis would result in the formulation of new theories, the discovery of new techniques,modification of old concepts or a knocking-off an existing theory, concept or technique.


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