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They help to keep cars safely on the road, enable remote robotics operations in hazardous environments, reconstruct 3D models of cities, and organize photo collections, both personal and across the web.The research in computer vision at UNC spans the breadth of the field, and is a fertile ground for collaborations bringing together geometry and recognition, computer vision and natural language, sensing and display devices, theory, and system architectures for vision processing.The goal of computer vision is to extract information from visual data and help computers understand the visual world.

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Traditional computer science has assumed that a single user interacts with a computer program at any one time.

A whole range of issues emerge when you decide to violate this fundamental assumption by allowing multiple, distributed users to simultaneously communicate with a program to collaborate with each other.

Instead new controller design and implementation strategies that marry control theory with formal methods, and other branches of Computer Science like program analysis and compilers is becoming important.

We have worked on a wide range of cutting edge problems in the area of bioinformatics and computational biology.

As we are rapidly moving towards the design of autonomous systems, such a disciplined approach towards the design and implementation of control algorithms, as promoted by CPS, is increasingly becoming important.

The presence of complex sensors, like cameras, radars, and lidars – that are today common in autonomous cars, drones, or robots – introduce large processing delays, and offer different tradeoffs between accuracy, delay and resource requirements.Energy-Efficient Systems: With the explosive growth in mobile devices, there has been a push towards increasing energy efficiency of computation for longer battery life.Reducing power consumption is also important for desktop computing to alleviate challenges of heat removal and power delivery.These tradeoffs need to be explicitly accounted for when designing control algorithms that use such sensors.The distributed and multicore processing platforms on which control algorithms are implemented today also defy the traditional view of a centralized controller that has a synchronized access to all sensors, can compute all control inputs instantaneously, and can provide all actuations synchronously.The goal is to better integrate principles of control theory with real-time and embedded systems design, rather than designing the control strategies and their implementation platforms independently, which has traditionally been the case.Such a holistic design reduces the need for testing, and ad hoc implementations of controllers on distributed embedded platforms, and instead, supports automated synthesis, verification and certification.Computer graphics research at UNC investigates the representation, creation, and manipulation of image data that serve as the visual interface between people and computers.One of our primary research focuses is interactive graphics where the main challenges are the rapid generation of photorealistic images and high-quality simulation in response to user inputs, as well as the development of both software and hardware mechanisms for human interaction with graphical systems.Immunology, Development and Differentiation, and Metagenomics: We use novel measurement techniques as well as machine learning methods in understanding the interplay between these areas, with the aim of discovering the forces that shape the immune system throughout life.The overarching goal is to apply the insights from such analyses to propose new treatments for cancers.


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