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The data of the study is derived from two Power Point presentations delivered by teams of University students representing ENACTUS USA and Egypt in the World Cup Competition of 2012.

The data analyzed are two synchronized components of the presentation: the verbal spoken utterances, and the visual synchronized slides.

more La communication orale est présente dans presque tous les domaines de la vie courante.

Nous sommes appelés à communiquer lors de la présentation de nos mémoires et thèses, lors d’une séance de prospection commerciale, dans le cadre de la présentation de rapport à notre hiérarchie, pour présenter un nouveau produit, pour restituer une étude etc.

Furthermore, slides can be easily annotated during presentations by simply drawing on the printed version of the slide.

As well as discussing the advantages of such a paper-based interface and initial findings on its use, we describe how we were also able to exploit it to provide a general prototyping tool for interactive paper applications.Below find examples of Power Point lectures posted online as well as an example of a Power Point lecture that was presented face to face and not available online.According to OWL, this is how you would cite online lecture notes presented in Power Point format: According to the APA site, if the lecture was not posted online and cannot be retrieved, you would cite it as a personal communication which is only cited in text. As for visual persuasive styles, reference is made to Kress and Leeuwen's visual systems of Representational, Interpersonal and Compositional Meanings (2006), and to the Intersemiotic Texture approach of Liu and O' Halloran (2009).Among the main findings of the study is that a mixture of individualist and collectivist orientations has been demonstrated in the verbal and visual persuasive styles of Egyptian and American teams.By reviewing relevant researches, this paper also shows that ‎Power Point’s defective use ends in results ranging from the audience’s passive reception and ‎confusion to financial and fatal damages.More importantly, it reviews major existing theoretical ‎frameworks that have been employed, or may help with, investigating Power Point presentations ‎ranging from communication, theatre and film studies to cognitive science, rhetoric, and critical ‎discourse analysis.Power Point is one of the most frequently used tools to present multimedia for educational purposes.Nevertheless, little is known about the users' needs when using Power Point during lecturing.To unveil the verbal persuasive styles, the study draws mainly on Ungerer's Emotional Inferencing Principles (1997), Carter and Mc Carthy (2006), Biber, et al.(2007), and Hyland's approach to Engagement (2005).


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