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Team knowledge use was related to improved efficiency and quality for teams completing more complex work.

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This article discusses the relationship between user communities and firms to shed light on avenues for future research in business strategy.

In strategic management research, the dynamic capabilities framework enables a “helicopter view” of how firms achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Individual and team characteristics enable people to support each other, make use of available resources, and perform effectively.

Closed for comment; The Unique Identification Authority of India has been charged with implementing a nationwide program to register and assign a unique 12-digit ID to every Indian resident—some 1.2 billion people—by 2020.

Using extensive data on KR use at a global, outsourced provider of software services, the authors' results show that despite the seeming promise of a KR to integrate or equalize peripheral players, it instead enriches knowledge access for people who are already well positioned.

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Findings thus suggest that KR use is not simply an individual activity based on need, but is instead enabled by certain social conditions (such as familiarity and experience) and inhibited by others (such as status disparities and remote location).However, the presence of a knowledge repository will not solve the problem of access to knowledge for those at the periphery of the organization unless it is used.In this paper, the authors begin to theorize the social and structural conditions that support KR use by exploring whether individuals on the organizational periphery take advantage of KRs, or whether KRs function more to enrich individuals whose experience and position already provide them better access to other knowledge sources.This paper focuses on the critical role of work teams, arguing that managers must leverage the knowledge generated by teams to support innovation and strategic change.It matches types of team learning to innovation activities.Key concepts include: Using captured knowledge had a positive effect on the team's project efficiency (delivering on budget) but not on project quality (number of defects in the code).When use of knowledge was concentrated in a small number of team members, efficiency improved but quality declined.KRs were less effective at ensuring much-needed access for those on the periphery.If individuals cannot get the knowledge that they need, then both their performance and their careers may suffer.In a new case, Professor Tarun Khanna and HBS India Research Center Executive Director Anjali Raina discuss the complexities of this massive data management project.Closed for comment; An organization's captured (and codified) knowledge--white papers, case studies, documented processes--should help project teams perform better, but does it?


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