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According to a recent study, the Sindh Environment Protection Department claims that the average level of pollution in big cities is approximately four times higher than the World Health Organisation's limits.These emissions have detrimental effects, including "respiratory diseases, reduced visibility, loss of vegetation and an effect on the growth of plants." One of the greatest contributors to air pollution is industrial activity.

These environmental concerns not only harm Pakistani citizens but also pose a serious threat to the country's economy.

The report also stated that the increase in industrialization, urbanization and motorization will inevitably worsen this problem.

On the other hand, water pollution generation is increasing largely due to the growing economy and population, and an almost complete lack of water treatment.

The sources for water pollution include the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the dumping of industrial effluent into lakes and rivers, untreated sewage being dumped into rivers and the ocean, and contaminated pipelines being used to transport water.

The megacities of Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, face the issue of noise pollution.

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The main source of this pollution is the traffic noise caused by buses, cars, trucks, rickshaws and water tankers.

Among these the Ravi and Sutlej are diverted in upstream India, for which consumptive use was awarded to India under the Indus Waters Treaty signed in 1960 by India and Pakistan.

Canal networks from the Indus (main stem), Jhelum River, and Chenab River supply water throughout the agricultural plains in Punjab and in Sindh, while the rest of the country has very little access to other fresh water.

According to the World Bank, 70% of Pakistan's population live in rural areas and are already stricken by high poverty levels.

These people depend on natural resources to provide income and tend to overuse these resources.


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