Research Proposal On Childhood Obesity

Research Proposal On Childhood Obesity-18
There are numerous things parents can do to enable the health of their child.

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Children, who are the most profitable sector in the media, are dragged into the unmerciful pull of the media.

There are countless television programs and stations for children of all ages.

I then will look for more initiatives and programs that are currently fighting childhood obesity to look for examples of recommendations.

Combining this research with my own insight, I plan to come up with my own recommendations to fix childhood obesity.

To prevent childhood obesity, children need support from the media, their parents, and their school.

With help from these influences, there is a greater chance that childhood obesity will decrease and become an issue of the past.

If both parents work, it is often difficult to plan a well balanced diet for the child.

Therefore, they may resort to cooking microwave dinners and buying unhealthy snacks for their child.

With the inactivity and impulse eating, children are more susceptible to become obese.

To counteract the affects of the media, children need guidance from their parents.


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