Results Of The French Revolution Essay

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Napoleon conquered most of Italy in the name of the French Revolution in 1797–99.He consolidated old units and split up Austria's holdings.Before the Revolution, the people had little power or voice.

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It conquered the Austrian Netherlands (approximately modern-day Belgium) and turned it into another province of France.

It conquered the Dutch Republic (the present Netherlands), and made it a puppet state.

The result was glory for France, and an infusion of much needed money from the conquered lands, which also provided direct support to the French Army.

However the enemies of France, led by Britain and funded by the inexhaustible British Treasury, formed a Second Coalition in 1799 (with Britain joined by Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria).

To escape political tensions and save their lives, a number of individuals, mostly men, emigrated from France.

Many settled in neighboring countries (chiefly Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and Prussia), and quite a few went to the United States.It scored a series of victories that rolled back French successes, and The French Army trapped in Egypt.Napoleon himself slipped through the British blockade in October 1799, returning to Paris.The king was a figurehead, the nobility had lost all their titles and most of their land, the Church lost its monasteries and farmlands, bishops, judges and magistrates were elected by the people, the army was almost helpless, with military power in the hands of the new revolutionary National Guard.The central elements of 1789 were the slogan "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" and "The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen", which Lefebvre calls "the incarnation of the Revolution as a whole."From the social point of view, the Revolution consisted in the suppression of what was called the feudal system, in the emancipation of the individual, in greater division of landed property, the abolition of the privileges of noble birth, the establishment of equality, the simplification of life....Thompson says that the kings had: ruled by virtue of their personal wealth, their patronage of the nobility, their disposal of ecclesiastical offices, their provincial governors (intendants), their control over the judges and magistrates, and their command of the Army.After the first year of revolution, this power had been stripped away.It took control of the German areas on the left bank of the Rhine River and set up a puppet regime.It conquered Switzerland and most of Italy, setting up a series of puppet states.The displacement of these Frenchmen led to a spread of French culture, policies regulating immigration, and a safe haven for Royalists and other counterrevolutionaries to outlast the violence of the French Revolution.The long-term impact on France was profound, shaping politics, society, religion and ideas, and polarizing politics for more than a century.


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