Review Of The Roots Of Youth Violence Research Papers

Review Of The Roots Of Youth Violence Research Papers-57
This research literature review organizes information in the following sections: general resources, the individual and violence, relational, community, and society.

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Members of the taskforce were also shown a preview of the new #knifefree video.

They were also updated on a new collaboration with youth channel SBTV which saw four You Tube videos go live on Sunday.

If the framework sees youth violence as a community health problem, such as in public health, then strategies might include education, treatment, and prevention.

The Youth Violence Systems Project has chosen the social ecological theory as our foundational framework for this Youth Violence Systems Project Model. of University of Dayton, cites Urie Brofenbrenner in defining the Ecological Systems Theory as:an approach to study of human development that consists of the 'scientific study of the progressive, mutual accommodation, throughout the life course, between an active, growing human being, and the changing properties of the immediate settings in which the developing person lives, as this process is affected by the relations between these settings, and by the larger contexts in which the settings are embedded.'This theory has been adapted in the public health field and evolved into the social ecological theory, which involves intervention at both the intrapersonal and interpersonal level.

These frameworks guide the goals and strategies in each field's programming and response to youth violence.

For example, if the framework is based in a criminal agent model, then programs might focus on rehabilitation or punishment of youth.In 2013, assault by firearm was the leading cause of death due to interpersonal violence, with 180,000 such deaths estimated to have occurred.The same year, assault by sharp object resulted in roughly 114,000 deaths, with a remaining 110,000 deaths from personal violence being attributed to other causes. There is a strong relationship between levels of violence and modifiable factors in a country such as concentrated (regional) poverty, income and gender inequality, the harmful use of alcohol, and the absence of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and parents.Home Secretary, Sajid Javid said: Intervening early in the lives of vulnerable youngsters is key in combating the rise of serious violence.It’s therefore vital that we communicate with them directly through the people in their communities who they respect and listen to.The youth advocates in London, who work in key community focal points such as boxing clubs, youth centres and schools, have already started to receive specific training.The programme in Manchester will start in the next few weeks.The ecological systems theory is an approach to the study of human development that focuses on the interrelated structures and processes of four nested systems: micro, meso, exo, and macrosystems. Intrapersonal factors are those things that occur within the individual self or mind, comprised of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. Because there is an interrelation between a person and his or her environment, we also look at relational, institutional, community, and societal factors.We choose this theory as the framework for approaching youth violence systems because we believe that youth are autonomous as individuals while simultaneously subject to external factors.That’s why the grassroots advocates programme and our #knifefree campaign are integral to the work we are doing to stop this bloodshed.The new youth advocates programme is running in London and Manchester and provides local role models expert training on skills such as safeguarding, diffusing conflict and substance misuse, this will help them spot warning signs and give guidance on how to cope in challenging situations.


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