Role Of The Nurse Practitioner Essay

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NPs are responsible to the public and adaptable to changes in health care.

NPs are responsible to the public and adaptable to changes in health care.

If you can speak clearly to the three points I have outlined, you will greatly increase your chances of admission.

Renee Dahring, NP, has worked as a family nurse practitioner in the prison and jail system since 2001.

Requirements usually include: Meeting the entrance requirements is only the first step.

You will also be asked to write an admission essay and you may be called in for a personal interview.

Show that you understand that being an NP is about more than prescribing privileges.

Do enough research that you know better than to say things such as “working under a physician” or “midlevel.” Using outdated language shows you didn’t do your homework and can jeopardize your application.What additional roles beyond staff nurse have you held? The admission committee will want to see proof that you have grown over the course of your RN career and stepped up to take on higher-level duties and responsibilities. Admissions committees like to see evidence that you have done the planning and can navigate the financial and family stresses that go along with acceptance into an NP program.If you haven’t, then you might want to hold off on your application until you have gained some additional leadership experience. Schools are not a fan of students who do not successfully complete a program.Educational preparation provides NPs with specialized knowledge and clinical competency, which enable them to practice in various health care settings, make differential diagnoses, manage and initiate treatment plans and prescribe medications and treatment.National NP education program accreditation requirements and competency-based standards ensure that NPs are equipped to provide safe, high-quality patient care from the point of graduation.NP accountability is consistent with an ethical code of conduct, national certification, periodic peer review, clinical outcome evaluation and evidence of continued professional development.The patient-centered nature of the NP role requires a career-long commitment to meet the evolving needs of society and advances in health care science.NPs are experts in health promotion and disease prevention.They order, conduct, supervise, and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests; prescribe pharmacological agents and non-pharmacologic therapies; and teach and counsel patients, among other services.You should be comfortable describing the role of an NP in detail.You must speak articulately about the NP scope of practice and be able to intelligently discuss the state laws governing practice and the challenges facing the profession.


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