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For example, the Wallace family’s racist attitude toward the Logan family and other black families influences many of the other whites in the story to hold similarly racist attitudes.This is because the Wallace family owns a local store in the area that doesn’t allow black patrons.She beats up TJ after he cheats on a test and passes the blame off onto her.

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The protagonist Cassie Logan and her family struggle to get along with two racist families, the Simms and the Wallaces.

Cassie often looks to her father and mother for support when she confronts the racism of the Simms and Wallaces, just as Cassie’s younger siblings look to her for support.

This search for justice often emerges in the characters’ actions and reflections.

For example, Cassie uses physical violence to punish people who have done her wrong.

This example illustrates how “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” examines the ways in which those who have a little bit of power can exert influence on those who don’t have any.

The various interactions in “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” occur between three families, indicating that the role and importance of family is another key theme in the novel.

Similarly, though they are certainly narrow-minded, the Simms and Wallace families both rely on the same type of familial support (though they use this support to do bad things).

Ultimately, regardless of which family you consider -- the Logans, Simms or Wallaces -- their reliance on each other reveals the thematic significance of family in the novel.

Taylor is a complex text that raises issues of race, class, violence and history.

Children who read this book often grow deeply engaged with the characters and the problems they have to deal with.


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